Friday, October 10, 2008

A Song and Some Editting

I'm going to go a little outside of my boundaries of reading and writing literature and talk about a song. Bear with me.

A while ago, my beloved friend Tina said while she was at Youth Group one night they made her fill otu a survey. One of the questions was 'what song do you listen to when you're happy?' At the time i thought, wow that's really weird. I could never think of jsut one song that I listen to when I'm happy and only happy. What a hard question. I wouldn't have been able to answer it.
Then, about a month ago, I was listening to my iPod (which I promptly lost and just found again this morning!!!) and for some reason the thought popped into my head 'wow I'm REALLY happy.' Now, that emotion isn't really uncoomon for me. I tend to be in a good mood unless I'm otherwise influenced. I wake up in a good mood and usually ten minutes after anything else I return to a good mood. I'm just a naturally happy person. That was when I remembered that ocnversation Tina and I had. So just for kicks I looked at my iPod to see what song was playing. Not that I didn't KNOW the song just by hearing it. But I have a habit of looking at my iPod automatically even if I could figure it out myself. The song happened to be "Everybody Loves" by Constantine.
Now, I don't think it's a very popular song. I hadn't even heard of Constantine or the song before my older brother Joey made me listen to it one day. Constantine was on American Idol a few seasons back, before I watched it. But he's actually a pretty good, regardless of that fact that he's not wildly famous.
Then whenever I was listening to the song I realized I was always happy. And then whenever I decided to go listen to the song I noticed I was happy. And when I feel the urge to listen to the song I think 'I must be happy' (yeah I know that's weird, but this is my blog, not yours) and I always am. So pass the surveys this way because I officially have a song I always listen to when I'm happy and it's 'Everybody Loves'.

In unrelated news, I'm finally getting some editting done on one of my few finished stories. It's the pathetic length of 93 pages, but that's on Word. So I'm think if it was in a book it would probably be a little longer. Also, I wrote and finished it like a year and a half ago so that's not too bad.
As I edit, it's obvious that I wrote it a while ago. It's funny, while you're writing it, it seems to entertaining, witty and insightful. But as I go back and write it, it seems a little contrived, and I dive write into developent before I've even set up what I'm developing. Now, that isn't a thing that can really be done. Also, I do a little too much telling and not enough showing. People don't like to be told what to think. And still, if you're writing a novel you can't SAY "they were best friends and hung out all the time" but never SHOW by not writing any scenes of them hanging out at all, much less hanging out frequently.
So, I will continue with my tedious editting and hopefully get something accomplished. I WANTED to get it editted once through over the summer but that didn't happen. If I can bear to admit my shame, I'm only up to page twelve. Despicable, I know. But, I'll try to edit at least a little each day, and maybe I'll have it done once through my Christmas. Or even better, Thanksgiving. Then, after I patch up the main story and fix plot wholes, character issues etc., I'll have a few people look over it, suggest parts that don't fit and help me with grammar, spelling and so on. Then maybe I'll be brave enough to show it to Mom and Dad. Wouldn't that be a cool Christmas present for them?

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