Friday, August 27, 2010

Back So Soon?

...and it's only been seven months.

What has our heroine been doing with all this time, you might ask. She surely is well on her way to being published. Her masterful prose and literary prowess have surely vaulted her to the top of the Random House to-do list.

So where is she truly?

She is still at her computer.

I have once again set out to edit my great novel. I only have about fifty pages to go, but I'm already considering editing it again after this. I might be a perfectionist. I'll get back to you when I'm positive.
However, I am trying to swear to myself that once I have this edit done I will definitely start making steps towards finding a publisher for my life's work. After all, I have a six year plan.
Here it is.
Within this year I will mail in my manuscript to Random House, who will then give me a six figure advance and promise me a percentage of the profits. After about a year of my novel's wild popularity has past, Newline Cinemas will come crawling to my doorstep, begging me to sell them the rights so they can make a blockbuster hit out of it. I will agree, but I must have a controlling opinion in casting and screenplay. I will also get a percentage of those profits. By the time I graduate college I will be comfortably coasting on my early years of fame and fortune. Then I am buying myself this:
I will then be the proud owner of an estate and stud farm. I will invite my younger sister, who is very much in love with horses, to come and live with me and will exist in great contentment as I leisurely write my next twenty bestsellers.

I'll invite anyone who asks to stay a fortnight with me in my beautiful home.

...And that's the Written Word.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Look Now...

...But I'm finally posting again. Having a page of posts with no comments doesn't really drive one to continue a seemingly fruitless task, but what better way to procrastinate about writing a paper? I may be a writer, but character sketches are tedious for us all.

Back in June I finally got through my first edit of the soon-to-be award winning novel. Since then I've edited it through twice more and had several people read it over for me. The bad thing about friends is that friendship doesn't make them literary, and they tend to be bad people to ask to harshly criticize your work. But at long last I've had someone read it who actually had some constructive input, and said person is also a writer. That's a bonus. Hopefully in the near future I'll be pressing forward to edit once again with these new criticisms. It feels like I'm going to be editing forever. Revisions is definitely the doldrums of writings. Maybe I'm also subconsciously putting off the next step. It has to be done sometime (just not anytime soon). You should all wait, earnest and solemn, for the day my epic novel comes to a store near you.

Don't hold your breath, though.

And that's The Written Word.