Friday, February 6, 2009

Inspiration At Last!

So, it's finally coming along! 

I have actually gotten into editting again! I've gotten to page 26 and I'm ecstatic. I've actually editted every day for the past couple days. I"m so proud of myself. Now i have a not so despicable 101 pages, and still working on it. I majorly have to fix up plot holes, though I haven't quite gotten to that part of the story yet. It's coming along nicely though and I'm happy as a clam. How happy are clams, anyway? 
What finally kicked me into shape again was that I was talking with my dad about how depressing it is to not have anything of any worth and he said that if I finish something he'll read it. I told him I do have something he could read and sent it to him, with much trepidation. He hasn't started reading it yet, but thinking of my dad reading the horrible first draft made me do something about it. And here I am, editor extradonaire, in action yet again. Maybe I'll actually keep my motivation for a while. But with my luck it'll be gone tomorrow. Keep threatening/encouraging me Dad! I know all you fellow writers understand. Until I lose it again...

And that the Written Word