Monday, September 1, 2008

A Brief History

So now, because I enjoy bragging whenever possible, iIll give a quick history of my reading and writing career.
My reading history is simple. My mom obsessively read to us, my siblings and I, when we were young, forming what was to become an obsession with reading that has lasted over a decade. No, I'm not a geek, even though it sounds like it. I learned to read when I was about four, and was reading simple chapter books by the time I was five. I progressed to books like A Little Princess and The Secret Garden in first grade, and finally in second Little Women and the level of reading hasn't gotten much harded except for maybe a minor graduation to Jules Verne when I was about nine. Now I just read like I have no life, which I do, have one that is.
For writing I wrote my first story when I was five for a present for my dad on Fathers' Day. It was called The Big, and I mean Big Pumpkin and it starred my best friend/cousin Amy who just so happened to grow pumpkins. It was about five pages long, with letters three inches high and plenty of scribble illustrations. The works. Then when I was in second and third grade I wrote an easy reader series revolving around a girl named Mary. Several of the titles were Mary and the New Friend and Mary and the Big Hill. One of them was sent into a children's authors contest but didn't pass through because there weren't enough illustrations. Since then I've written many many stories, including a few short ones, and finished a few that I'm proud of and even several I'm in the midst of editting. I'm hoping to get them published someday but until then, my career as a writing prodigy (aren't I funny?) remains unrealized.

And that's the Written Word